5 Must-Have Essential Oil Rollerball Recipes


5 Must-Have Essential Oil Rollerball Recipes

I am sharing a few of my favorite blend recipes for my oily sisters that we constantly have on hand. I have so enjoyed learning about the properties of essential oils and combining single oils into amazing blends where they can work together to help support our bodies.  

Young Living has the most essential oils out of any company in the world – the most singles, blends, and oil infused supplements too – which blows my mind sometimes! Even still, I love to do a bit of “mad scientist” in my kitchen and blend up a few too! 

All these can be placed in a 5 ml or 15 ml bottle (I reuse my old empty Young Living bottles, but if you don’t have any empty bottles I would pick up these to use). Put the indicated drops of oil (or double it) and then add some carrier oil for the dilution you desire. For these I always dilute with at least 1-2 teaspoons of carrier oil, just for preference. I will place a rollerball topper on, and they are ready to go!

Happy Mama Blend

Happy Mama Essential Oil Blend

When you feel like you just need a little something to take the edge off, this one will do it. We all have those days where the morning gets off to a rough start or the dog throws up right when you are running out the door to an appointment. This is when you may need a little emotional support to bring you back to a happy place.

I love having this mixed up and ready to apply. I carry it in my purse. It’s a must! And do not be afraid to use it on other unsuspecting humans – like kids or husband!

Calming Zen Blend

Calming Zen Essential Oil Blend

Do you see a bit of a trend here? My original interest in learning about essential oils was all about supporting my emotions. I was in need of something to help me find calm, ease the mommy frustration, and get my joy back. So I have a lot of different blends for emotional support.  This one is especially wonderful in the evening and also for active kiddos who may be driving you crazy!

Winter Wellness Blend

Winter Wellness Essential Oil Blend

This blend packs a powerful punch. We use it almost daily in our home before my little guy heads off to school. The oils here all have amazing properties and are so soothing. We apply this to the bottoms of our feet, on the spine, or behind the ears. This one is typically diluted with 2 teaspoons of carrier oil. It’s efficient and effective!

Happy Sinus Blend

Happy Sinus Essential Oil Blend

Winter can be a drag for many – but with consistent use of this little gem, you can breath easy all winter long and even into the spring. I will apply this to my forehead or even across my cheeks if need be. I will also run it along the back of my neck or on my chest.

Breathe Chest Blend

Breathe Essential Oil Chest Blend

This will open your airways up to keep breathing easy. The smell is divine and powerful! Dorado Azul is so unique. I love it! This one must be diluted, so be sure to add at least 2 teaspoons of carrier to this recipe. Amazing when applied on the chest or along the spine.  

Mixing up blends so they are ready to apply is one of the best ways to be ready for anything. I have these mixed, labeled, and ready to go.

Which one will you mix up first?

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Is Doing Laundry Killing You?


The Best All Natural Laundry Detergent for Your Family

Okay, I am sure I got your attention with that title. I know most moms feel like doing laundry is a slow death!

But truly (I am being serious here), this is a topic I began learning about two years ago when I made the shift to take control of my family’s health and wellness. I wanted to know what was in the products I used – not just what I put in my mouth, but what I put on my body, cleaned my house with, and more.

Going chemical free has been a game changer in our wellness journey.

Did you know the detergent you are currently using could truly be making you sick or, even worse, slowly killing you with toxins that clog your body and are very difficult to expel?

Here’s a short list of some of the most common dangerous ingredients that you will find in typical store bought laundry detergent (even brands that claim to be “green” and/or “natural”):

Ditching Toxic Laundry Detergent

Go now and take a look at the ingredients in your detergent. Even better, take a look at the EWG.org website and see how they rate the detergent you are currently using. Just warning you – it may scare you!

Um, damage to organs? No, thank you! I feel that we often just chalk these symptoms up to things we just have to accommodate – and that is so far from the truth! Allergies and headaches can all come from added toxins that we do not need.  

Why not find an alternative so you and your family can live the best and most vibrant life now?

I was so happy when Young Living developed an all natural, plant based laundry detergent that I can feel great about using in my home with my family and my pets. What a relief. No more having to read lengthy ingredients on labels or be nervous about some of the ingredients I could not even pronounce or know why it was included.

How about finding a detergent that is concentrated too? This means less waste, less storage space, and less mess. Seriously, doing laundry can be enjoyable! It truly can! I hated lifting big heavy jugs of detergent. It was hard on my wrists. Not with this little concentrated container of Thieves. It rocks because it’s so small and portable!

Thieves Laundry Soap

You get 64 loads (I actually squeak out a few more because I will tip the jugs upside down and let all remains drip out and then add some water to it and swish around to get every last bit!) with this little bottle. I love the smell after my clothes come out of the washer and I can follow up my laundry system with my homemade fabric softener, as well as wool dryer balls. Add a few drops of Lavender or Purification on them in the dryer and it is so refreshing to fold laundry – really! All completely chemical free!

Are you looking for a chemical free alternative for doing laundry? Or maybe you have never even taken a look at your current detergent? That was me two years ago. I had no idea until I began reading labels. 

Grab a bottle of Thieves Detergent or add it to your new member kit.  You can choose from several different starter kits, not just the one with essential oils. Maybe you’d rather start with reducing chemicals in your home. The Thieves Starter Kit is the best one for you! It comes with hand soap, hand purifier, household cleaner, toothpaste, mouthwash, and more. The perfect replacement for all kinds of sneaky items in your home that are filled with chemicals your body doesn’t need.  

Start feeling your best today. You will not be sorry!

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Back to School Focus for the Easily Distracted


Back to School Focus for the Easily Distracted

Do you have a few in your home? Sweet little ones who can get off track in the split of a second? Who struggle to stay on task, follow a list of instructions, or keep focused on even one activity at a time? Or maybe that person is you!

There are times when my mind wonders and I have trouble focusing, so I can completely relate when I see these same struggles come out in my six year old.

I noticed this struggle several years ago and was so grateful to find some natural support using essential oils. Totally effective, no chemicals, easy to use, and amazing results.

We’ve seen better cooperation, less fidgeting, and more focus on tasks. It is pretty amazing how a few oils blended together can help make such a shift.

Want to learn a bit more on what we do? Take a quick look at this video where I share how you can do the same to incorporate it in your daily routine.

Is it time for you to begin looking at other ways to support your family this school year? Now is the best time to hop on board. You can grab a FREE bottle of Cedarwood (one of the recipe ingredients in this focus blend) for FREE in August! Lavender comes in your kit, so if you are wanting to make this blend, just add Vetiver and you are ready to ROCK this school year.

Mental Focus Help for Back to School

If you are looking for some other mental focus support, these are a few oils in my toolbox too. Peppermint comes in your Premium Starter Kit, so you will have that one to try. 

I will also send you some amazing goodies – over $55 worth of freebies, including a $20 Amazon gift card – as my gift to you for joining my community.  

I am passionate about healthy products in our home and Young Living has certainly filled that spot and helped create a journey of wellness that has hands-down been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Don’t wait any longer. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with your purchase, you can return it to me for a complete refund. That is how certain I am it will impact your family in great ways!

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Letting Go and Moving Forward


Letting Go and Moving Forward

Packing up and moving is not for the weak. It’s a lot of work.  

To push emotions even further, add in selling 80% of your treasured possessions you’ve accumulated over the past 48 years too. It has been a bit crazy the past few months, as we sold our home, sold 80% of our furniture and belongings, and begin a new adventure of life at the beach.

Selling a home is emotional, exhausting, and will often bring you to the edge of insanity. I cannot be more grateful for God’s provision in this season, making it a bit easier than it may have been. I know He’s walking this path with me now as we get ready to say goodbye to many friends and family and are open to His leading.

Today, I’ll share a few of my secrets to managing this season of transition.

Making Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying

This book has been amazing in helping me determine what I want to keep, what needs to go, and how to proceed.

On page 13 of Melissa’s book, there is a poem that I felt so drawn too. I know you will too. It is all the things wrapped up together in one spot that have kept me from ridding my home of those things that do not provide joy to me, but rather a sense of obligation.

"The Things" Poem

These sentences here have saved me a lot of guilt and gave me the ability to release a lot of things!

Surrender Essential Oil

This inviting oil blend helps a person to surrender a controlling attitude, release tension and stress, and create a surrendered state of mind. I have been diffusing this blend and also applying topically to my wrists.

Joy Essential Oil

I have used this oil for over three years – daily! It is my saving grace for helping me support and manage my emotions and keep everyone sane in my home (really, no kidding!). It is incredible for helping to break emotional blockages, which I found plagued me for over 30 years. Place this little gem over your heart daily and it will inspire you.

Valor Essential Oil

This blend helps bring about a spirit of courage, confidence, and uplifts the self-esteem. The smell is amazing too. Every time I am out doing errands I am asked about this oil when I am wearing it. It will ignite your senses for sure and uplift your spirit.

Transformation Essential Oil

This oil is pretty amazing. It has helped me release past memories, especially associated with all the boxes of memorabilia I have been sorting through. This is an emotional experience – and for those who’ve done this before, I know you can relate. The emotions released from this activity can either hurt or help you move forward, and this oil blend can help replace negative emotions with joy, hope, and courage.

Release Essential Oil

I have been using this blend at bedtime in order to help my body process and release the emotions of moving, starting a new phase of my life, and allowing my subconscious to be open to new beginnings. It is one of the most powerful of the emotionally supporting essential oil blends.

Clarity Essential Oil

This blend I received free this month with my order and I love it. It helps promote a clear mind and amplifies mental alertness and vitality. It increases energy when you may be overly tired and brings greater focus to the spirit and the mind. Even if you are not going through a season of change, this oil is incredible for keeping a busy mom grounded and thinking straight in that brain fog!

Stress Away Essential Oil

The name says it all. This blend helps bring about feelings of peace and tranquility to both adults and children  – ahem, yes, children! It is pretty darn amazing! It has helped bring me out of some crazy downhill spirals with my emotions by improving my mental response to situations. I can certainly tell you – when you are in the process of moving, emotions are high in everyone! This is applied and diffused daily!

Into the Future Essential Oil

This blend is particularly effective at helping leave the past behind in order to progress forward with vision and excitement. With all the tasks that need to get done with selling a home, it can easily bring you down and discouraged. This oil has helped keep my spirits up and push ahead through the fear of the unknown and what the future holds. It helps me grab hold of God’s plan and trust Him even more.

We all handle phases of life differently. Maybe you’ve had a recent move and it’s been an especially easy transition – I love that – but if you are looking for some additional support as you transition into a new phase, maybe one of my little essential oils can help. I love that I can simply open a bottle of oil and take a whiff and begin a transformation within 20 seconds. I don’t have to wait, there is no mess, and I can be empowered immediately with an action step.

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All Natural Oral Care Routine for Kids


All Natural Oral Care Routine for Kids

Two weeks ago my six year old visited our dentist for a checkup. Now, I find it strange that he loves going to the dentist, but when I stop to think about it, I shouldn’t be surprised. The dentist has always been a great experience for him and let me share with you why.

He’s had no cavities, doesn’t have excessive tarter scraping, and passes on the fluoride treatment – so it’s a rather quick visit!

We began a natural oral care routine about two years ago and it has been life changing. I shared in my private essential oils education group the day we had our dentist visit about our routine and how effective it was and wanted to share here with you.

Being educated in different alternatives for your family is empowering. That is my heart and passion – to empower moms to care for their families. So let me share our routine with you.

Raw Milk

We began drinking raw milk about two years ago and I do believe it has made a huge difference in the health of my son’s gums, teeth, and overall wellness. I am no scientist but from all I’ve read and heard, the nutrients you get by drinking milk that has not been pasteurized is over the top good! We have a great local dairy that provides great raw milk. I would check into this alternative for your family if you are needing to reduce allergies, have healthier skin, and have brain support. This could be a simple solution.

All Natural, Fluoride-Free Products

We all have been jinxed by thinking we must have fluoride in all our oral care products to keep our mouth healthy and cavity free. It’s completely bogus and I encourage you to do some research. Just Google fluoride and see what comes up for hazards and why you may want to avoid it. We have taken precautions to reduce our exposure to fluoride and using a fluoride-free toothpaste is one area we’ve focused on.

My son loves his Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste – it is his favorite. When he was younger, he did use the KidScents Slique Toothpaste, but he soon wanted to be just like his mommy and daddy, so he began using ours! There is also a Thieves Aromabright version, which he likes, but he prefers the Dentarome Ultra. The great thing is – I have all three types for him to choose from when it’s time to brush.

Why Do I Like These Toothpastes?  

KidScents Slique Toothpaste has both Slique blend essential oil and Thieves blend essential oil in it. This toothpaste tastes GREAT without having any chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. Just stuff to help clean your teeth.  

Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste – I love the taste, texture, and consistency…and my son does too. My husband prefers this version as well. I always get compliments on my bright smile, and I know it is no coincidence that I use this toothpaste which can help keep my teeth sparkly.

Aromabright Toothpaste is also a much loved favorite by many. It has a great consistency and is full of Thieves essential oil.

All these toothpastes have no fluoride, no synthetic dyes, and no artificial colors. Only what you need.


Have you looked at your mouthwash label lately? Um…pretty darn toxic. Many have alcohol and I would prefer to not use alcohol, and I certainly do not want my little guy using a mouthwash with alcohol.  

The Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash is packed with great stuff and no alcohol, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives. My husband I use this concentrated mouthwash and love it. It is great to have a fresh and clean mouth with only a tiny bit of mouthwash used. For my six year old we dilute the mouthwash by 50% with distilled water. I mix up his very own bottle and he keeps it near his sink.

A Great Toothbrush

Sonicare for KidsYou can have all the right supplies, but if you don’t have a great toothbrush, it can fail. For my son, we got him a Sonicare for Kids. It is incredible! It is effective at really helping your child brush well. My favorite part is the beeping it gives my son when it’s time to change quadrants in his mouth. He can get his whole mouth clean and has a timer all in one. It has been the best investment – and I love its ease of use, recharging capabilities, and that he likes using it. No more fighting at brushing time.

Want to Improve Your Child’s Oral Care Routine? Or Maybe You Need to Boost YOUR Efforts?

You’ve likely heard me share about my love and passion for Young Living Essential Oils, and maybe you’ve been interested but not quite enough in the oils. Well, this is your time, because you can jump in and grab some great products for your oral care, as well as your home, by incorporating the Thieves Kit into your home. I also love the Essential Rewards program where I get our items delivered right to my door each month and don’t have to run to the drugstore. I have avoided Target runs now for over two years – which we all know how that works – you run into pick up toothpaste, only to leave with $100 in your cart!

This Thieves Kit is amazing and filled with things you can easily replace in your home with a chemical free option.

Thieves Kit

This Starter Kit is ideal for those wishing to replace harmful chemicals in the home with powerful, natural alternatives.

Kit includes:

  • 15-ml Thieves
  • Thieves AromaBright™ Toothpaste
  • Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
  • 2 Thieves Cleaner  (great for all cleaning, including hot tub maintenance!)
  • 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • 2 Thieves Spray
  • 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
  • 5-ml Stress Away™
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
  • 10 Sample Packets
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • Essential Edge
  • Member Resources

Isn’t that an amazing way to re-stock your home with chemical free alternatives? I love the Thieves Hand Purifier for back to school backpacks, the foaming hand soap is incredible for caring for your skin, plus you get a bottle of Stress Away oil – you will want to keep that just for you!

And I have an even better surprise for you!

If you are ready to sign up, jump over now and grab your kit to get you on your way!

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